High Quality multi finish plastering

Plastering Over Plasterboard

Always double layer of multi finish to get the best quality fix jointing tape at the corners angle bead.
to protect the strokes it and give clean look.

Plastering Over Plasterboard

Plastering over existing walls.

Clean them and remove all loose parts. then paint the walls pva base coat of hartwall or bonding fix angle bead and then next day the double coat fo multi finish.

plastering west midlands Plastering over existing walls

Include a beautiful High Quality multi finish plastering in your walls, such as Venetian plaster, Lath Plaster, Veneer plaster, Attractive Plaster Molds, Outdoor & Specialty Mounting and Gypsum Plaster.

Gypsum Plastering

Gypsum plaster provides efficient acoustic and fireplace resistance, and is ideal for all interior filling, except where straight exposed to wet circumstances. Exterior and specialized framing, as well as other specialized finishes, are available for your house or business.

Conventional Lath & Plaster Systems

Traditional lath and plastsorter systems have been the standard for walls construction for many years. This begins with a scrape coat, made up of gypsum plaster and fine sand, over some type of foundation. This base is actually metal lath or even gypsum board that is similar to drywall, although with different paper.

When the scratch coat offers cured, our filling contractors apply the brown coat, which consists of gypsum as well as sand. The finish coat is actually applied last and it is between 1/16″ in order to 1/8″; and it usually consists of lime along with a catalyst to help this set.

Veneer Plaster

Veneer plaster consists of a slim base and finish coating, 1/8″ to 3/16” total, which is used over a gypsum foundation called blue panel. Blue board is comparable to drywall, but features a special paper which ensures a proper relationship with plaster. Veneer systems help get rid of nail-pupppops and ripples often seen in drywall applications, and they have somewhat better acoustic beliefs.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster, or Veneziano, has been used for many year. It is the most beautiful and opulent finish available. This consists of crushed marbled, aged lime as well as natural pigments. Based on application style, Venetian plaster is comparable to refined marble and is spectacular in its appearance. Venetian plaster has excellent design capabilities while offering an old world appear or enhances a up to date project.

Decorative Plaster Molds

The actual most intricate styles and details may be accomplished to enhance the interior great your home, office or even commercial facility. These types of techniques are achieved with our highly trained as well as talented artisans, with the combination of unique conforms and plaster.
The actual finished product is customized created to the desired type of the client. The most common asked for designs have been geometric, that consist of finials, ornamental cornices, ribbon, etc. And natural, which consist of simply leaves, trees, and flower treatments.

Exterior & Specialty Framing

In our company, we use light gauge metallic framing, as well as all kinds of exterior light measure framing. This includes specialized groin vaults, clip or barrel, dome, coffer, as well as tray ceilings.

Specialty Finishes

Using more than 15+ years of knowledge applying unique coatings like coquina and also tabby, we are regarded experts in our industry. Our capabilities are suffering from to keep up with current developments such as the newer fat finishes, which appear like marble and natural stone.