Building rebuilding fireplace, wood burning stove installation, re-plastering all walls , fix new ceilings full decorating and more..

Building rebuilding fireplace, wood burning stove installation, re-plastering all walls, fix new ceilings full decorating and more…

Complete refurb downstairs two rooms, from start to finish, by myself and my partner Alex project. Enjoy  😉

When you are mowing to a new, but old build house, always you have a plenty to do. We had walls and ceilings in really bad condition (as per pictures) cracking 70 years old walls and ceilings, overpainted and covered by 30 years old lining paper. All of this for a complete refurb, making a new, spacious and family friendly home. 

Start of the project was not easy, we had to remove all stuff, included kitchen, then I’ve had to remove the existing old crumpy plasterboard ceiling and wallpaper. We’ve fixed new spotlights in the kitchen (advantage of the removed ceilings), also we have decided to remove part of the walls to make the open plan and the most important rebuilding fireplace and fix the beautiful double-sided stove.

As we are living in a smoke control area the choice was only to use Defra approved stoves and we`ve found an amazing Ekol Clarity Double Sided Multi-Fuel Stove from which we are very happy, they look amazing and give you a great atmosphere and warmth.

Next step was to reopen and rebuild the fireplace ( left the brickwork exposed) on the cut edge of brick inside of the fireplace fix a natural stone, fixed traditional oak mantel and then fixed a new ceiling and replastering the whole room. After a few days all painted, decorated,  new doors fitted and floor sanded dawn and painted –  all done in two weeks.

In the gallery,  step by step from start to finish building rebuilding fireplace and more.

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